Maximilian Du

maxjdu at stanford dot edu


Hey there! I am an undergraduate researcher and section leader at Stanford University. I am studying computer science and electrical engineering, and I work under Prof. Chelsea Finn's IRIS lab on reinforcement learning and robotics

My research and project experiences are in machine learning (particularly unsupervised learning), embedded systems, and analog electronics. 

In my free time, I love to tinker around with electronics, do photography, and write creative non-fiction. Currently, I'm working on a book and an amateur radio license.


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Currently, I am working in the IRIS Lab under Professor Chelsea Finn on trying to use reinforcement learning on real robots to accomplish tricky tasks, like peeling a banana or unzipping a backpack.

Previous research projects have included a more intelligent IoT stove, predicting ultra-short-term wind power, and breath monitoring.

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I am a big fan of sharing what I know! Since Winter of 2021, I have been a Section Leader for Stanford's CS106 programs. I lead weekly lecture workshops and interactive grading sessions. I also help students in office hours and grade assignments + quizzes. 

I have led both 106A and 106B classes, and I will be a course assistant in ENGR40M  and CS107e (tentative) starting 2022.

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In my spare time, I love working with electronics. In the past, I've made an arc-welder, sewage overflow protection system, and musical Tesla Coil.


I also tumble-polish rocks and do some amateur chemistry. Currently, I'm working towards a Technician amateur radio license

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Writing is always a pleasant break, whenever I need one from my "day job" in computer science. I specialize in narrative non-fiction and personal essays.


I'm currently working on a non-fiction book about captive killer whales, advised by DCI fellow Melissa Dyrdahl from the Stanford Storytelling Project.

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For me, photography is the perfect combination of art, strategy, and technology. I specialize in nature photography and long-exposures

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Yes, I do have a funny bone. I also have an irrational obsession over the Stanford Clock tower.

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