Maximilian Du


Hey there! I'm a Stanford undergraduate interested in studying computer science and electrical engineering. I have research and project experience in machine learning, circuit design, CAD modeling, and internet/computer security.

When I'm not studying or doing research, I love to tinker around, do photography, cook, and write. 

maxjdu [~at~] stanford [*dot*] edu

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My primary research interests lie in machine learning theory and applications. My past projects have involved anything from power engineering to IoT communications.



In my spare time, I love working with electronics. In the past, I've made an arc-welder, sewage overflow protection system, and musical Tesla Coil. I also tumble-polish rocks and do some amateur chemistry. Currently, I'm working towards a Technician amateur radio license


AI Art

I've modified an existing Style Transfer library and used some artistic liberty to create my own works.



For me, photography is the perfect combination of art, strategy, and technology. I specialize in nature photography and long-exposures. 



Cooking is a form of edible engineering! I am interested in various forms of contemporary cooking, like Sous Vide, as well as traditional cuisine, like Thanksgiving fare. 



I've experimented with many different writing styles, ranging from satire to non-fiction. My current project is a non-fiction book about captive killer whales, which draws from numerous interviews with trainers, activists, and researchers.

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Learn more about my funny bone below

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