Maximilian Du

maxjdu at stanford dot edu

Hey there! I am an undergraduate researcher and section leader at Stanford University. I am majoring in computer science (AI Track) and minoring in creative writing (prose track). I work in Prof. Chelsea Finn's IRIS lab on robot learning.


My research and project experiences include reinforcement learning, behavior cloning, computer vision, and robotics. I am particularly excited at the interdisciplinary connections between  psychology  and computer science, especially when it comes to the mechanisms of learning, teaching, and training.

In my free time, I love to write creative non-fiction. Currently, I'm working on a book with the Stanford Storytelling Project.

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Research is my primary interest. Currently, I am working in the IRIS Lab under Professor Chelsea Finn. I am trying to get robots to be more efficient in learning from their mistakes. Recently, I co-led a project where we used audio data and behavior cloning on real robots to accomplish difficult tasks like removing hidden keys from a bag. We will be presenting this at RSS 2022.

Previous research projects have included making an intelligent IoT stove, predicting ultra-short-term wind power, and monitoring respiratory frequency.

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For many years, I have taught myself a variety of skills, from bezier curves to meta-learning. Now, I am using these skills to help others. Since Winter of 2021, I have been a Section Leader for Stanford's CS106 programs. I lead weekly recitation classes and interactive grading sessions

I have led both 106A and 106B class sections, and I am also trained to be a course assistant in ENGR40M. Lastly, I'm also a Stanford Splash lecturer, and I teach a class that highlights the connections between animal training and reinforcement learning. 

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Part of my role as a researcher is to construct narratives of science. From paper to presentation, I tell stories of my work. Beyond research writing, I specialize in creative non-fiction and poetry. In both, I often focus on the magic, fragility, and danger of innocence. I'm also drawn to the story of animals and our relationship with them.


I'm currently working on a non-fiction book about captive killer whales, advised by DCI fellow Melissa Dyrdahl and Professor Jonah Willihnganz from the Stanford Storytelling Project.

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For me, photography represents a beautiful tension between capturing the raw moment and crafting the visual masterpiece. I specialize in nature photography and long exposures. My long exposures often include pyrotechnics or other forms of light.

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Electronics for me is as much a guilty pleasure as it is a field of study. In the past, I've made an arc-welder, sewage overflow protection system, and musical Tesla Coil.

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Master of the cheap gags, collector of memes, worshipper of the Stanford Clock tower.

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