My Writing

Not all my writing is represented. Some of these works I am less satisfied with now, but that's part of the writer's journey!
Dolphin Trainer

Eagleboy (Work in progress, 2022)

In my first fiction piece, a head dolphin trainer battles with negative press coverage and the shadows of a wonderful past. It plays with the idea of control: how much control do we have over our own lives, and how much is inhibited by barriers? What about barriers of our own making? Inspired by a real story and many interviews with real dolphin and whale trainers.

Poetry Chapbook

See it Here, Save it Where? (2022)

A chapbook of 5 (fictitious) poems. It begins with a critical essay on my writing style, written by a poet classmate. In my work, I write about innocence, a tumultuous family, and dying animals.

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Portrait of a Bosnian Neighbor (2021)

In this short (and less polished) writing, I talk about my relationship with my neighbor and our neighborhood.

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Chowder (2021)

In this short (and less polished) writing, I look at my dances with solitude.

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Country road

But it Does to Me (2021)

In this short (and less polished) writing, I look at the permanence of my childhood village, farm, and wilderness.

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Orca trainer

Orca Boy (Work in progress, 2022)

In this audio production in collaboration with the Stanford Storytelling Project, I talk about my friendship with a killer whale trainer from my hometown. In our friendship and near-parallel stories of self-discovery, I find closure in my childhood obsession and learn to respect the complexities of a controversial issue. Not all we hear, not all that is sensationalized, is true. This applies even to the things we say to ourselves. Advised by Stanford Alum Megan Calfas.

Moby Dick

Can Animals Seek Revenge? (2022)

In this academic essay, I look at the death of Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld and the injury of Ahab in Moby Dick as a way of understanding competing theories of animal morality through a philosophical and literary lens. Given very high marks in a Stanford literature class.

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Joe's Shanghai (2021)

In this short (and less polished) writing, I look at my Chinese culture through some comfort food in Flushing, NY.

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Wetsuit (2021)

In this short (and less polished) writing, I focus on a fond memory of surfing in Socal when I was very young and how these memories are delicate apparitions we keep deep inside.

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Roads and Rivers and Skies (2021)

In this fever dream of piece, I look at some chaotic details of my childhood: fish-killing, patio stools, and the sway of planes in the dying light.

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