What am I Working On?

No matter what, I always have some sort of personal project going on. It might be related to my field of study, or it might not.

Date of last update: 12-12-2020

Ongoing Projects

  • Amateur Radio License: working towards my technician's license! 

  • Fixing Christmas tree lights

  • Raspberry Pi web server

  • Book on captive killer whales

Things I'm Learning

  • Theory of artificial intelligence (reading CS 221 slides)

  • CSS/Javascript

  • Docker

  • Manim (math animation software)

  • Mental Math

  • Nonfiction Writing

Things I'm Reading

  • Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics (Clive Newstead)

  • Sin and Syntax (Constance Hale)

  • What If? (Randall Munroe)

  • Don't Shoot the Dog! (Karen Pryor)

  • The Fascinating World of Graph Theory (Arthur Benjamin et al)

  • Death at SeaWorld (David Kirby)

  • I Still Believe (Hazel McBride)

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