I am a Scientist

(Scholastic Gold key)


I am a scientist.

I wonder how things work,

What it would feel like to get a Ph.D. degree,

And what truffles taste like

I see through my originally 20/100 but corrected vision,

A whiteboard covered with Greek letters and integrals,

 And the hordes of people who come and go

That I will never get to know.

I wish I could download knowledge into my brain

I wish we all had a Ctrl-Z button

I wish I could stop time

I am a confused, captivated scientist.


I pretend to know things that I don’t

In the name of keeping a conversation going,

Yet I pretend that I’m dumber than my true self

To better teach and explain.

I worry about imperfection,

While pining for the sleep lost for better grades

And faux-paper practice tests.

I am afraid of the worn-carpet hallway upstairs

And the sharp stillness that it offers at two past midnight

When I am time’s last opponent.

I cry about low definition videos

And over-priced textbooks

I am a compulsive, curious scientist.


I understand how RSA encryption works,

And how to cook a good Thanksgiving meal.

I find joy in not having anything to do,

Finding a worthy pencil,

And binge-reading XKCD and Peanuts.

I am just another high-schooler.

I am an aspiring scientist.