Tackling Fine-Grained Robot Manipulation Tasks Using Multi-Modal Reinforcement


I am working in the IRIS lab at Stanford University on a project that uses reinforcement learning to get robots to do relatively tricky tasks like peeling a banana or extracting a block from a cloth bag.


"Monitoring Human Activity with Wi-Fi Metadata"


I use machine-learning and CSI (Channel State Information) metadata from an ESP32 WiFi prototyping board to sense human movement in an enclosed space.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

"Improving LSTM Neural Networks for Better Short-Term Wind Power Predictions"


I created modified LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) Neural Networks and used auxiliary weather forecast data to improve ultra-short wind farm output predictions, for use in a smart grid.

Published in IEEE Renewable Energy and Power Engineering (REPE) Conference, 2019

"Interpreting Sign Language Using CNN-based Models"


I used CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) and a video pre-processing system to decode sign language from video frames.

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"Non-Invasive Detection of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Through Recurrent Neural Networks"


 I created auditory monitoring hardware and recurrent neural networks to track and analyze the breathing patterns of a sleeping person for signs of respiratory irregularity.


"Intellistove: An Intelligent Stove that Prevents Cooking Fires and Exploding Glass Flasks in the Lab"


I designed, fabricated, and tested a smart stove system that turns off when a pot boils dry. It is controllable via secure text message.