Tackling Fine-Grained Robot Manipulation Tasks Using Multi-Modal Reinforcement

I am working in the IRIS lab at Stanford University on a project that uses reinforcement learning to get robots to do relatively tricky tasks like peeling a banana or extracting a block from a cloth bag.

"Monitoring Human Activity with Wi-Fi Metadata"

I use machine-learning and CSI (Channel State Information) metadata from an ESP32 WiFi prototyping board to sense human movement in an enclosed space.

"Improving LSTM Neural Networks for Better Short-Term Wind Power Predictions"

I created modified LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) Neural Networks and used auxiliary weather forecast data to improve ultra-short wind farm output predictions, for use in a smart grid.

Published in IEEE Renewable Energy and Power Engineering (REPE) Conference, 2019

"Interpreting Sign Language Using CNN-based Models"

I used CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) and a video pre-processing system to decode sign language from video frames.

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"Non-Invasive Detection of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Through Recurrent Neural Networks"

 I created auditory monitoring hardware and recurrent neural networks to track and analyze the breathing patterns of a sleeping person for signs of respiratory irregularity.


"Intellistove: An Intelligent Stove that Prevents Cooking Fires and Exploding Glass Flasks in the Lab"

I designed, fabricated, and tested a smart stove system that turns off when a pot boils dry. It is controllable via secure text message.