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Hero and Zero

A New Look at the Legacy of Captive Killer Whales

In this book, I investigate our interesting relationship with the killer whale by exploring the topic in a rather non-traditional way. The narrative follows the life story of a small-town-girl-turned-orca-trainer and her world of beauty and tragedy. 

If you're looking for a sob story about the plight of orcas in captivity, this isn't it. There are many great publications out there already that highlight this pressing issue. Rather, my book focuses on the profound humanity of the killer whale story, from the transformation of Seattle to the creation of Believe.

The publication date is not set; it is a long-term project.

Free Range Chicken Farm


How many slaps would it take to cook a chicken? How can we use the "Fake News" mathematical model to reduce experimental error? Check out this work of satire! 


"Time" and "Scientist"

Realism and poetry: two things that I tried to explore in these short works.

While I would have approached them differently today, these have somehow won Scholastic Gold Keys.

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