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Tale of Tails: History of Killer Whales in Captivity 

A "COVID" project that I started back in May, but it has snowballed into something much more than that. I have interviewed many people for this work, including whale trainers, a CEO, a family member of Dawn Brancheau, and a marine mammologist at the Animal Welfare Institute. THIS LINK IS NOT WORKING YET. CHECK BACK IN 2021

[Thanks to Link Flanagan for sending me whale pics!]

Free Range Chicken Farm


How many slaps would it take to cook a chicken? How can we use the "Fake News" mathematical model to reduce experimental error? Check out this work of satire! 


"Time" and "Scientist"

Realism and poetry: two things that I tried to explore in these short works.

While I would have approached them differently today, these have somehow won Scholastic Gold Keys.

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