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Non-Fiction Book
Trampled Stories from the Orca Revolution

t I am exploring the history and legacy of the captive killer whale industry through a wide range of narratives and perspectives. In particular, I am focusing on stories that were either untold or misrepresented when the industry went under public scrutiny in the 2010s.


Through archival research and a series of exclusive interviews, I paint an academically balanced picture of whale displays and their self-destructive nature. Through the untangling of my own orca-obsessed childhood and the life of a killer whale trainer friend, I dwell on the meaning of pipe dreams, self-truths, and drowned love. Ultimately, as a son of Chinese immigrants and a Stanford engineer, I grind apart, rejigger, and reweld these stories in my attempt to understand a western perspective of man and beast.

This is a very long-term project, as it involves consulting thousands of articles, conducting tens of hours of interviews, and perusing thirty-two pounds of books. Publication date not set.


Picture Essay

I explore the meaning of pandemic loneliness and self-discovery through a bread bowl.


Picture Essay
Negative Spaces

Thoughts about a lost aquaintance


Picture Essay
Who's Joe?

Meditations on my Chinese culture


Picture Essay

Plunging into memories with a wetsuit


Picture Essay
But it Does to Me

Final thoughts about my hometown before i left for Stanford for the first time


Picture Essay
Tour Guide

Thoughts about my first two weeks at Stanford