My Writing

Non-Fiction Book
Dreaming about Orcas 
An Engineer’s Exploration of Killer Whales, Captivity, and Fantasy

In the past decade, marine theme parks have come under heavy fire for keeping killer whales and other cetaceans in captivity. I write about my own experience with the controversy and its obsessive entanglement with my coming of age.

Through extensive archival research and a series of exclusive interviews, I parse the history and legacy of killer whales in captivity. I befriend a few killer whale trainers and dive deep into the counternarrative. Gradually, I try to uncover the sensual, intellectual, and misunderstood parts of working with a five-ton marine mammal. I study activists and Instagram hotheads too, and I learn that everyone loves animals but this love is expressed in different ways. As a Stanford engineer, I weave a calibrated story of the performing orca, all while allowing for some creative flair and introspection about the parks that were central to my childhood fantasies. 

This is a very long-term project, as it involves consulting thousands of articles, conducting tens of hours of interviews, and perusing thirty-two pounds of books. Publication date not set.


Poetry Chapbook
See it here, save it where?

A chapbook of 5 poems and a forward done by a classmate. About innocence, a tumultuous family, and dying animals. Inspired by reality, but not all things I write are true.


Picture Essay

I explore the meaning of pandemic loneliness and self-discovery through a bread bowl.


Picture Essay
Who's Joe?

Meditations on my Chinese culture


Picture Essay
But it Does to Me

Final thoughts about my hometown before i left for Stanford for the first time


Picture Essay
Tour Guide

Thoughts about my first two weeks at Stanford