My Gallery

Just some fun pictures of my life. Not in any specific order.

Dorm Pics

Final group picture of summer 2021 Trancos!


The robot we use in our lab

Biggie Chung

A friend drew big chungus for my birthday


Our dorm stole another dorm's inflatable chicken.

Scav Hunt

We took a picture with some street performers in SF

Pier 39

Just standing in front of pier 39 summer 2021

Crystal cast

For fun I'm casting copper sulfate crystals in resin

Fire Group picture

We had a little fire alarm malfunction on my birthday...

Soldering back in 4th grade

My electronics workbench started on an old ping-pong table!

Soldering again

Doing some more soldering practice...


This the "eureka!" moment when my lightbulb finally worked, back in 4th grade.

Mousetrap vehicle

A picture of me operating the mousetrap vehicle that I designed at Science Olympiad Nationals 2018

Thanksgiving dinner

I cook thanksgiving dinner each year for our family. Here's 2019!


This was me working on a distillation back in 6th our bathroom.


Back in 8th grade, I wanted to build a real igloo! This wasn't entirely successful, but I got it to a point where I could comfortably sleep in it.

ISEF Picture

Just a picture I took with the ISEF backdrop in 2019


Dolphins are cool.

Broadcom MASTERS Challenge

This was me working on an electronics challenge at Broadcom MASTERS 2015

Broadcom MASTERS 2015

This was me, after receiving the 1st place in Science award at the national Broadcom MASTERS competition


I have played tennis since I was four years old!


I have also swam since four years old!

Intense Chess Game

How I practice chess.

Welding Mask

Just a selfie of me in a welding mask. Nothing more.

Safety first!

I was working with some medium-strength lasers over the summer, so I got these "stylish" safety goggles!

Mathematical Graffiti found in NYC

We must watch out for the ruthless math gangs that roam the streets at night.


Lesser known fact about me: I can surf!