Maximilian Du


Hey there! I'm a Stanford undergraduate interested in studying computer science and electrical engineering. I have research and project experience in machine learning, circuit design, CAD modeling, and internet/computer security.

When I'm not studying or doing research, I love to tinker around, do photography, cook, and write. 

maxjdu [~at~] stanford [*dot*] edu

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Currently, I am working in the IRIS Lab under Professor Chelsea Finn on trying to use RL on real robots to accomplish tricky tasks, like peeling a banana or unzipping a backpack

My primary research interests are in machine learning, particularly RL and other unsupervised techniques. My past projects have involved anything from power engineering to IoT communications.


I am a big fan of sharing what I know!

Since Winter of 2021, I have been a Section Leader for Stanford's CS106 programs. I lead weekly lecture workshops and interactive grading sessions. I also help students in office hours and grade assignments + quizzes. 

I have led both 106A and 106B classes, and I will be a course assistant in ENGR40M  and CS107e (tentative) starting 2022.

I have also lectured at summer programs (AYSI) and workshops at Syracuse University.


In my spare time, I love working with electronics. In the past, I've made an arc-welder, sewage overflow protection system, and musical Tesla Coil. I also tumble-polish rocks and do some amateur chemistry. Currently, I'm working towards a Technician amateur radio license



Writing is always a pleasant break, whenever I need one from my "day job" in computer science. I specialize in narrative non-fiction and personal essays.


I'm currently working on a non-fiction book about captive killer whales.


For me, photography is the perfect combination of art, strategy, and technology. I specialize in nature photography and long-exposures. 

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